PK Method PKMETHOD© PK COACHING© PK KRAV MAGA© PK GYM© BACK PK COACHING© PK KRAV MAGA© PK GYM© PK COACHING© The Philippe Kaddouch Method is the most efficient reality based Coaching Method - rooted in the best military force tactics. This approach will put the client in the problematic physical and emotional state and will provide the best solution for each issue. These solutions will be included in the client’s weekly program. As a top athlete, the client with the close assistance of Philippe Kaddouch and the Gstaad Practice Team, will “practice” the solutions regularly until they will become the new reflexive behavior. BACK PK COACHING© PK KRAV MAGA© PK GYM© PK KRAV MAGA© Though difficult at the beginning, no other self defense or fighting system is as effective, refined and subtle as the PKMethod©.

Philippe Kaddouch has evolved this discipline to a level that only he can transmit; it is no longer Krav Maga but the future of it, something new, “the Philippe Kaddouch Krav Maga” which belongs only to him.
PK COACHING© PK KRAV MAGA© PK GYM© PK GYM© Improving your fitness level with PK Gym© enables you to reach a higher potential to carry out the basic or advanced techniques taught by Philippe Kaddouch. PK Gym stem from his diverse background in gymnastics, athletics, military training and from biomechanical experiments. They are very effective and more useful for the body than most of the exercises practiced in a regular gym. BACK