STEPHANE QUERY VANESSA KADDOUCH BACK Some References in Training: 1987 > 1995 Israeli Commando Units | 1989 > 1995 Israeli Special Police Swats | 1989 > 1995 Israeli Security Agents | 1995 > 2000 Bodyguards for Holywood Actors | 1996 > 2006 Israeli Special Agents | 2004 > 2008 Instructor for EHL Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne From a young age, Philippe has always been passionate about sports.

He joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) after getting the highest marks in psychometric tests and succeeding to the airforce and intelligence exams.

At the age of 25, he joined his unit of choice, Bad 8, the commando and elite units military sports camp for IDF, which includes climbing, shooting, military fitness and Krav Maga.

He ended his military service as Chief Instructor of Krav Maga for the IDF in 1989. At 27, Philippe became the youngest expert teacher at the Wingate Institute where he was chosen to teach Krav Maga to the future academic sport teachers.

In 2015, Philippe Kaddouch founded his own method, the PKMethod©.

Meeting Philippe Kaddouch is about discovering a scientific technique and a realistic approach in constant evolution, adapted and indisputable, a psychology relating to each technique, a new way of approaching each situation of the life, a real experience by a teaching method adapted to each.
PHILIPPE KADDOUCH Philippe Kaddouch CEO, Krav Maga WorldMaster and PK Method Founder.
PHILIPPE KADDOUCH VANESSA KADDOUCH BACK Massagist-reflexologist. Manual therapist. STEPHANE QUERY He began his massage practice in France, in a traditional oriental hammam. The care he gave to a star dancer from the Béjart Company 30 years ago made him realize that sports and therapeutic massage were important in the recovery of high-level athletes.

Since then, he has provided care to triathletes, cyclists, runners, tenniswomen, skiers, swimmers, dancers.

In Switzerland for more than 20 years, he has practiced sports and therapeutic massage, relaxing massage, energy massage, visceral massage and plantar reflexology.

Also a trainer, he teaches sports massage to masseurs wishing to improve themselves (professional cycling teams, rugby team, independent masseurs, but also plantar reflexology and therapeutic massage against pain for nursing staff in hospitals and clinics. nursing schools.
PHILIPPE KADDOUCH STEPHANE QUERY BACK Chief Operating Officer & VKOsteoscience Founder. VANESSA KADDOUCH Graduated in Osteopathy - she treats joint pain and locking at different levels: structural (joints and vertebrae), cranial and organic + through the biological and symbolic decoding of numbers. Touch with precise and meticulous feeling are effective tools which Vanessa uses. VKOsteoscience, combines manual technique with scientific plus expert knowledge of the human body: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and biological. The therapy uses the symbolism of each part of the body and its associated emotions.

VK draws the quintessence of these different fields to create and develop its own method which evolves day after day. This is based on the interest in finding the source of pain related to the past: through emotional experiences, whether conscious or not. These memories are recorded in our tissues and, thanks to the tools used by the VKOsteoscience method, they can be translated into words and linked to the patient's pain. On the physical level, the mechanical method VKOsteoscience uses structural, muscular, functional, cranial or visceral osteopathic techniques adapted to the patient and the dysfunction in question to rebalance him and give him a new mobility.