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Gstaad Practice gstaad practice for a better experience turn your tablet to horizontal mode LONG TERM SOLUTION GSTAAD PRACTICE AUTHENTICITY | EFFICIENCY | SPORT | NATURAL
Gstaad Practice is offering a long term customized practice program for our clients during and after their stay in Gstaad. Gstaad Practice is the Ultimate Coaching & Treatments Practice in the most beautiful Nature Site of the Swiss Alps offering Reality Based Methods. Each unique Method is represented here by its founder, with international expertise and has been proved to be the most efficient in the world.
TREATMENTS HORMONAL DYSFUNCTION IMMUNE SYSTEM DEFICIENCY The Gstaad Practice offers the most efficient & natural treatments for mental disorders starting from stress and burnout, till trauma and depression as well as functional disorders like inflammations and hormonal dysfunctions. PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS ADDICTIONS PAINS Gstaad coaching METHODS VK OSTEOSCIENCE© PK METHOD© Our treatment methods are issued from the best experts in the field who founded their own Methods and the synergy of the three is the foundation of our success. These 3 methods make the treatment process complete from identifying the disorder and its cause with the Therapies till giving the customized tools with the Coaching Methods. Gstaad therapies THERAPIES VISCERAL MASSAGE HERBAL MEDICINE HOMEOPATHY NUTRITION REFLEXOLOGY DEEP MASSAGE RELAXING MASSAGE OSSEOPRAXIE© SERVICES FACILITIES Transport from Geneva or Zürich is not included. Saanen Airport is only 3 min (1.3 km) from the Gstaad Practice.
We offer the client possibility to ask for top professional private cook, driver or bodyguard.
SPECIAL SERVICES For additional cost
Gstaad Practice is partner with the most exclusives real estate agencies of Gstaad and can also offer exclusive Chalet renting and suites in the most luxury hotels in the area.
INTENSIVE: 3 days (7 hours) • CHF 4’750
REGULAR: 2 weeks -2 days/week (4 hours/day) > chronic pains, hormonal disorders, overweight • CHF 4’900
LONG : 3 weeks / 2 days/week (4 hours/day) > burnout, lack of esteem and confidence • CHF 7’300
COMMANDO : 2 weeks (7 hours/day) > all addictions • On Request
GSTAAD PACKS Gstaad Practice offers a long term customized practice program for our clients during and after their stay in Gstaad. We offer the most efficient solutions with NO medicine and electrodes but with the smartest and reality based & natural Methods which together will reach the goal within the shortest time frame and which is incomparable to other therapeutic methods. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS
Chief Operating Officer & & VKOsteoscience© Founder. Chief Executive Officer & PK Method© Founder. VANESSA KADDOUCH PHILIPPE KADDOUCH
Marktgässli 5
Saanen 3792
+41(0)79 374 12 27
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